part 3 of my transmedial piano cycle 'Antennen'

Since October 2023, I'm composing part 3 of my transmedial Piano-Cycle 'Antennen' for social media. As opposed to part II and I, which were classically notated, the recent one develops interactively from iteration to iteration - programming further modules for my 'Maxgram Piano Machine' and balancing the basic influencer essences of the 7 Elements from the Score of Influence.

Antenne 3c [excerpts]
influenced by my Anita

Instagram Opus No.212 @ Element No.1:

program notes (post description):
my Anita @stankoanita is influencing the recent version 3c of the transmedial piano-cycle 'Antennen' (pitch parameters of slide 7 mapped to octave-transpositions of the twelve-tone rows - see slide 3 for further subpatches including:

  • Winklers 'Maxgram Piano Machine' composing 'Antenne 3c'
  • Anitas piece 'natural impulses [modified] - Umwandler: J. Winkler - mapped to octave-transpositions
  • Arnold Schönberg, Anton Webern - und Element No.3: @juan.carlos_contemporarypiano
  • carnatic rhythm-structures (see: Element No.4: selected via the twelve-tone rows.


 ... you will find the whole 'Antenne 3c' opus on Instagram at Element No.1: (Opus No.212)



Antenne 3b [excerpts]
influenced by follower comments

Instagram Opus No.211 @ Element No.1:

program notes (post description):
using the current version of my 'maxgram piano machine', the next composition of the transmedial piano-cycle 'Antennen' emerged yesterday: it is deeply influenced by the essences of the 7 Elements from the 'Score of Influence' - as well as by the best of YOUR comments below. Today, the comment of my US-composer friend and longtime follower John Starosta served as an ASCII input which was multiplied with carnatic rhythm-structures.

Again this time: The best of your comments will influence the next version of 'Antennen'.

Antenne 3a [excerpts]
influenced by the 7 elements

Instagram Opus No.210 @ Element No.1:

program notes (post description):
the piece uses southindian rhythm structures, that were composed via my 'Maxgram Piano Machine'. In the video below, you can see Element No.3 @juan.carlos_contemporarypiano playing at Folkwang Kammermusiksaal. The photo on the right is taken from ex-machina lecture performance by Element No.1 april 2023, talking about Element No.4 (southindian rhythm network). On the left side, there's the contemporarymusic couch augmented in India and sent to Element No.2 by follower: biotopolis

... compressing it as a haiku - by Element No.5 @winkler.singularity


... and feeding it to chat-gpt:



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