contemporary music travels

 The Score of Influence itself is strongly influenced by travelling:

  • around the world (and NRW)
  • into contemporary music archives 
  • ... and of course: in between its 7 elements (Instagram accounts) that store my compositions is the newest and most personal one, showing impressions of my past, present and future voyages (also including selfies). On each post you can hear masterpieces of 20th/21th century contemporary music (out of the Instagram music library - tracklist so far below). This will recursively influence my future compositions - and as a s(l)ide effect, you can discover some music treasures. Feel free to influence me back by sending recommendations (music - or travel destinations).


 music: Klavierstück 8 - Johannes Winkler | Piano: Juan Carlos Maskerados - post music tracklist - so far:

Dmaathen - Iannis Xenakis
Rainforest IV - David Tudor
Mach - Eres Holz / D. Susteck
Study for Player Piano #21 - Conlon Nancarrow
Hängebrücken - Adriana Hölszky / Nomos Quartet
Luftschattengelichte - Hans-Joachim Hespos
Klavierstück 8 stretched - Johannes Winkler
Voices and Piano - Peter Ablinger
Trapped Animals - Distractfold
Le Marteau sans maître - Pierre Boulez
String Quartet No.7 - Ben Johnston / Kepler Quartet
Farben - Arnold Schönberg
Der Glaube - György Kurtag
Weltende - Adriana Hölszky, Hübner
Three Voices II - Morton Feldman
Composition as Process - John Cage
Zyklus No.9 - Karlheinz Stockhausen
Extension: I - Mathias Spahlinger
Les Chants de l’Amour - Gerard Grisey
Petites Esquisses d’oiseaxu - O. Messiaen
Ten Auras - Phil Niblock
Sei capricci: I - Vivace - Salvatore Sciarrino
... Zwei Gefühle ... - Helmut Lachenmann
Suite Blue, Op. 027 - Dufour / Chion
Aure ne skrzypce i wiolonczele - K. Saariaho
Wunsch - Hannes Seidl
[ ... ]




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