composing 'Antennen' for piano - and ...

Recently I'm composing my piano cycle Antennen - together with contemporary music pianist Juan Carlos Maskerados who functions as a piano medium inside the Score of Influence (- see last blogpost). After some 'inter-influencing' between its elements (accounts), the following project emerged: 
You will now find timestretched versions of Antennen on soundcloud. The new duration of 45 minutes fits perfectly to the @wind.musik bicycle home route RS1 distance between Essen and Mühlheim NRW, Germany. In August '23 we started to live stream the performances on Instagram:

 Piano/Bike: Juan Carlos Maskerados | Composition: Johannes Winkler | Partner: Wind.Musik






Meanwhile, on soundcloud, you also find stretched versions of:

  • Antenne II - (original piano piece on #199 / slide 1)
  • Six Paradox Mantras - Nr. 3 - (original piece on #40 / slide 4) 
  • Klavierstück 8 - (original piece on #200 / slide 2)



Also watch an excerpt of Juan's recent interview in the @deconstructed.stories video-podcast). Check new Instagram posts of the Score of Influence elements for further materials:













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