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Welcome to the Johannes Winkler Blog. I'm a contemporary music composer and media artist based in Essen Germany. The Score of Influence is an interactive 3D sculpture, that shows an overview of the creative processes in my transmedial slide compositions total artwork. Since 2017, it has been continuously updated, documenting the current aesthetic, philosophical and technical influences between the shown subprojects: On 7 Instagram accounts, I've been composing hundreds of 'narrative miniatures' as posts (my music, animations, images, texts and didactic works), that are interacting inside and outside its social-media bubbles. 
Instead of influencing followers, the primary goal is to influence the creation itself - using Instagram as a kind of dynamic oeuvre repository. On the main element @winkler.works the Winkler Werkverzeichnis can be swiped: Each numbered post represents a multi-page work and is telling, documenting, anticipating - about the cybernetic everyday, metaphysics and aesthetics: people and art - people and numbers - people and nature - people and people. A transmedial narrative emerges along autobiographical points in time, streams and archives - in an interplay with presence formats. Via Inter-Influencing between my accounts, I create a recursive 'sub-bubble' network. From there new forms and works are inspired and augmented towards further 'bubbles' like YouTube - or this blog - as well as local situations at the Here & Now (which is a bubble, too).
All artworks of the Slide Compositions total artwork are available in the following public cloud, primary spread over Instagram accounts (carousel-posts, reels, stories) - with local copies on my harddrives for further presence slide performances and video-podcasts. 

The 7 Score of Influence elements

my Instagram accounts inter-influencing each other:
oeuvre repository : carousel posts
contemporary music video podcast - presenting feeds using my software 'Maxgram' 
plays 22th, 21th and 20th century music 
personal travel impression - with masterpieces of 20/21th century contemporary music | read recent article
southindian rhythmtechniques | project website
A.I. variations of posts from all accounts 
contemporary music & bicycle | read recent article





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